Commuting in the cold

Posted by Shawn Parr on |

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Today I had a hard decision to make. On one hand I stayed up way too late last night trying to get the new site launched (2 AM), and this morning it was less than 30 degrees farenheit. 30 degrees is pretty cold any where, but for some reason, probably a combo between acclimation and humidity, it feels really cold in Louisiana. On the other hand I've worked hard to lose weight, but I need to keep up some exercise, and I've worked hard to setup bike commuting and have a personal goal to do it more every week than driving.

So into the cold an exhausted Shawn went this morning. Bundled in 3 layers of wool, with breakfast of clementines, Clif Bars, and cocoa in my bag. Luckily my new wool peacoat works very well to keep out most of the chill.

(Cyclemeter stats)