Measuring Goals and Starting Anew

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For me 2012 was the year of getting in shape. Just prior to the start of the year I made some life changes and slowly started losing weight. At the beginning of the year I bought a bicycle and started getting more exercise. At one point I had gotten to 280 lbs. Is started 2012 somewhere around 270-ish. I set a goal of weighing 220 lbs by the end of the year. Why 220 lbs? That is the weight I need to hit in order to no longer be officially obese.

How did I do? You tell me:

weight 2012

Obviously I did not hit my goal, however I'm pretty darn happy with the overall loss. Even with the 4 lbs I gained over Christmas traveling it is a pretty good looking chart. As of this morning I am at 225.3 lbs, and while I would like to be much lower than that I am very happy with my progress so far.

So what is next? For 2013 my goal is 200 lbs. I think this is a reasonable goal as I've already lost a lot of the easy weight (the left part of that graph above), and it gives me plenty of time to lose the weight while continuing to make lifestyle changes. Thus far when I've had occasion to 'fall off the wagon' either by not exercising properly or by eating poorly for a week or two I've found my weight to be fairly stable, and it doesn't just start to rocket back up.

So here is to 2013, and the year I should finally stop being obese. And then I can work on not being overweight anymore...